September 3, 2019

The Franklin Township Regular Monthly Meeting was held on September 3, 2019 in the township building.  Present at the meeting were Supervisors Phil DePue and Jeanne Sullivan and the people on the attached sign-in list.  Phil called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  The pledge to the flag was recited.  Jeanne read the minutes from the last meeting.  Phil made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Jeanne seconded the motion.  The motion was passed.  Jeanne read the treasurer’s report.  Before the report was read Jeanne mentioned the report encompassed both the months of July and August since the August meeting was  canceled.  Phil made a motion to accept the report as read.  Jeanne seconded the motion.  The report was passed.


Emma Pugh from PennDOT Connects sent information about the PennDOT Connects initiative.

Cabot Oil and Gas sent notification of a Proposed Modification of Drilling Permit for Gas Wells:  Greenwood Wells in Bridgewater Township.

Susquehanna County Planning Commission sent notice of Blachek Major Subdivision.  There were no objections.  Phil signed the paperwork and Joe Kemp took the original document with him.

The Susquehanna County Planning Commission also sent notice of a minor subdivision plan for Abe Haberle.  There were questions about the sewer system on the property being shared by two dwellings so John Watts, our sewer inspector, will be contacted.

New Business:

Phil announced the resignation of Roy Johnson as of October 1, 2019.  Roy has been an excellent employee and he will truly be missed.

Phil gave a report on the roads that have been completed from flood damage.

Phil also reported about problems the supervisors have had with FEMA.  Hundreds of hours of paperwork and road work have been done to FEMA specification but the township has not received any reimbursement to date.  Our Federal Senator, Congressman, PA State Representative Jonathan Fritz and Greg Showers from PEMA have been contacted.  We have asked them for their assistance. Phil read an e-mail from Greg Showers to FEMA stating that if they had any further questions for the township they were to contact him.  Shelly Depue also read a letter that Phil composed. The letter has not been sent yet at the request of Greg Showers.

Phil announced that the $350,000 loan that the supervisors passed last meeting would not be needed at this time.

Phil made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Jeanne seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned 8:03 PM .

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Sullivan


Treasurer’s Report

General 59,642.69
State Fund 112,214.21
Capital Reserve 1,502.73
Capital Reserve Impact 79,525.79
Equipment 13,811.21
Fire 20,462.84
CD 303,920.75
Payroll 13,491.60
Small Cap 4,048.33
FEMA 100.46

General Checking

9844 Phil DePue 93.22
9845 FAHS 4,462.50
9846 Cleveland Brothers 6,493.30
9847 G’s Excavating 14,487.50
9848 Karp Excavating 23,760.00
9849 VOID  
9850 Postmaster 110.00
9851 VOID  
9852 Erica Johnson 60.00
9853 NEIC 337.04
9854 Ken Kublo 70.00
9855 Spectrum 98.81
9856 Angelo Ventresca 92.00
9857 Dempsey 267.48
9858 NEIC 459.49
9859 G’s Excavating 4,417.50
9860 FAHS 1,360.00
9861 Cleveland Brothers 6,273.90
9862 Karp Excavating 9,200.00
9863 F.S. Lopke 2,233.19


9/4  Transfer from Impact $60,000

9/4  $4,772.02

9/16  6,155.94

9/20  1,801.00


2606 S & G Trucking 935.00
2607 North Central Hydro Wash                                       383.00
2608 Suit-Kote 16,434.60
2609 Montrose Auto Parts 341.80
2610 Tracey Road Eq. 166.46
2611 Fleet Pride 1,536.20
2612 Mirabito 3,475.68


9/6 Payroll 1,750.96
9/13 Payroll 1,207.55
9/16 IRS 3,986.04
9/16 PA State 510.88
9/20 Payroll 1,141.24
9/27 Payroll 1,501.83


9/2  20,000.00



9/4  $18.14



9/4  $13.42


9/2 Tranfer payroll 20,000.00
9/2 Transfer general 60,000.00