Welcome to FranklinTwp.Info, the website of Franklin Township, Susquehanna County.  This site is dedicated to keeping the residents of the Township apprised of local governmental issues.  The Board of Supervisor’s Monthly Meetings are held at the Township Building at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

Mailing Address:
715 Hawk Road
Montrose PA 18801

Phone: [570] 967-2555
FAX: [570] 967-2807

Franklin Township Officials:

Supervisors: Lee Burch – Chairman
Mark Creamer
Phil DePue
Secretary/Treasurer: Jeanne Sullivan
Roadmaster/Foreman: Roy Johnson
Tax Collector: Bobbie Jo Kelsey
Webmaster: Mark Creamer

Township Road Map: Download PDF

Have a Complaint about the State (paved) Roads
in Susquehanna County?

Contact County Commissioner Allen Hall
who is serving on the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee

Susquehanna County Commissioners Office
PO Box 218
Montrose, PA 18801

Phone: [570] 278-4600
Fax: [570] 278-9268


– N O T I C E –

It is highly recommended that you have your water tested.  Even if you haven’t noticed any changes in your water, it is important to establish a water quality base-line in the event that a problem develops in the future.

PA-DEP Recommended Basic Oil & Gas Pre-Drill Water Test Parameters