2017 March Meeting PDF

March 7, 2017

The Franklin Township Regular Monthly Meeting was held on March 7, 2017 in the township building.  In attendance were the 3 supervisors and the people on the attached sign-in list.  Dan called the meeting to order at 7:05PM and then the pledge to the flag was said. Dan appointed Jeanne Sullivan Secretary/Treasurer.  Jeanne read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Dan made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  Mark seconded the motion.  The treasurer’s report was then read.  Dan noted 3 mistakes in the treasurer’s report. The errors were Kimball Midwest and two for Pennsy Supply.  The amounts will be corrected.  Dan made a motion to accept the corrected treasurer’s report.  Mark seconded the motion.

Auditor Jeff Sammon reported that there were many problems with the 2015 Audit.  Harrisburg was contacted and the auditors were told that the State would accept the 2015 Audit as submitted.  The 2016 State report will be done tomorrow and the notice for the paper will be checked.  The auditors would like to meet with the secretary/treasurer and the supervisors in the future.  They also have to conduct the Tax Collector’s Audit and the 29 points.


Adam Diaz has applied for a permit for a new waste transfer facility to be located in Bridgewater Township.

We received notice of Liquid Fuels payment for $98,331.89 and Turnback Maintenance payment of $36,720.

A notice from SWN was received for a permit to Drill – Bolles NW-2H.

A 2-year contract was received from Waste Management.  The contract was signed by Dan and will be mailed back.

Francis Pinkowski and Francis Pinkowski Jr. applied for a driveway permit.  Dan signed the permit. The Susquehanna County Dept. of Planning and Development sent notice that the Pinkowskis have submitted a plan for a subdivision.

David and Susan Eddleston have applied to the Board of Assessment for a revision.

We received a Certificate of Membership from PSATS CDL Program.

The United Stated Census 2020 sent the Contact Information Update Form.  It has already been completed and mailed back.

New Business

The township is applying for a Dirt and Gravel Grant for Hunsinger Road.  The application deadline is April 21st.  Roy will be learning the grant application process.

There is in place an approved grant for Johnson Road that has to be completed this year.

There is roadwork being done on Olszewski Road.

Old Business

The bid for cinder was awarded to Stony Mountain and Brown Farms.  Stony Mountain has the bid for trucking. G’s Excavating has the bid for dozer and excavator.  Pennsy Supply has the bid for materials.

Chris Reinwald introduced himself.  He has volunteered to be the township constable.  He will inform the township when he officially has the position.

The new truck has been ordered.

Dan made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 pm.  Charles seconded the motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne Sullivan, Secretary/Treasurer


GENERAL 94,310.06
STATE 140,621.86
IMPACT 216,592.91
EQUIPMENT 44,850.84
FIRE 365.17
CD 300,850.68



PAYROLL – 9174, 9175, 9181, 9182, 9190, 9191, 9192, 9193, 9195, 9196

9171 Renee Coy 441.66
9172 Mark Creamer 89.28
9173 Dan Depue 89.28
9176 Charles Rosengrant 89.21
9179 Alliance Sanitary 67.34
9180 Penelec 219.25
9183 Erica Johnson 60.00
0 US Treasury 2,193.08
0 PA Dept. of Revenue 265.69
9184 Joe Hunt & Associates 258.75
9185 Dempsey Uniform 158.24
9186 Lenox Propane 351.29
9187 NEIC 191.07
9188 Postmaster 49.00
9189 Renee Coy 441.64
9194 New Milford Hardware 88.91
9197 Jeff Sammon 763.34
9198 Void
9199 Mirabito Fuel 349.62
9200 PSATS 136.00
9201 Quicks’s Locksmith 129.00
9202 Highmark Blue 1,288.31
9203 US Treasury 287.57
9204 Penelec 181.58
9205 Alliance Sanitary 42.30






2476 Watson Diesel 1,052.65
2477 Pennsey Supply 3,707.41
2478 Mirabito Fuel 678.71
2479 Montrose Auto 307.16
2480 Bradco Supply 2,278.64
2481 Kimball Midwest 69.50
2482 Roger M. Gelatt 3,865.00
2483 Pennsy Supply 1,076.46
2484 Binghamton Truck & Tire 1,496.00
2485 Fleet Pride 247.31
2486 Mirabito 993.24


DEPOSIT:   135,051.89



105 FT Equipment 374.77



DEPOSIT:  347.77