Minutes 02-04-2014

Regular monthly meeting was held in the township building on February 4, 2014 and was called to order at 7:00 PM. In attendance were 3 supervisors, the secretary, and the people on the attached sign in sheet. The meeting opened with the pledge to the flag. The secretary read the minutes from the last meeting. A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Lee, seconded by Dan, motion passed. The treasurer’s report was read. A motion was made to accept the report by Lee, seconded by mark, motion passed.


We received the fire contract back from New Milford Fire Company. We received 5 notices for gas well activity in neighboring townships. We received notices on subdivisions for the Newhart and Rafferty properties.

Road master

The boys are busy plowing and cindering with the new trucks. The concrete work is finished on the new building so the new trucks can be parked inside. An account has been set up at Tracy Road in Kirkwood for maintenance.

New Business

Two driveway permits were issued; One for Angelina gathering company and one for Tim Smith.

Roy’s old truck, the 1992 International, will be put up for bid to be sold AS IS.

Old Business

Discussion continued about bonding for the supervisors.

A motion was made to adjourn at 7:35pm by Dan, seconded by Mark, motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Renee Coy-Daly





Treasures Report for February 2014

PS General Checking   $44,470.81
PS State Checking   $33,594.96
PS Impact   $129,238.48
Pennstar Capital Reserve   $77,851.06
Pennstar Fire    $710.27
Pennstar Equipment    $78,903.73
Pennstar Small Cap. Purchases    $301.84
PS Escrow   $0


Bills for the Month of February


8046       ERIE INSURANCE                              206.00

8047       NEIC                                                      368.48

8051       LEE BURCH                                          476.00

8052       HINDS OIL                                           2,434.20

8056       STONEY MT. TRACTOR                   3,657.00

8057       NEW MILFORD HARDWARE         2,320.09

8058       MONTROSE AUTO PARTS             237.07

8059       AIRLINE PETROLEUM                      813.75

8063       FOWLER TIRE SERVICE                    40.00

8064       DEMPSEY UNIFORM                       159.16

8065       FLEET PRIDE                                        85.02

8066       CERTIFIED LAB                                   163.73

8067       FRONTIER                                            85.47

8068       HEALTHASSURANCE                       1,750.19

8072       BINGHAMTON TRUCK & TIRE     310.00

8073       PENELEC                                              578.17

8077       PENNSY                                                                2,585.22

8078       WASTE MANAGEMENT                 93.48



2191       KIMBALL MIDWEST                         113.53

2192       PEOPLES SECURITY                          1,000.00

2193       PEOPLES SECURITY                          2,009.92

2194       CERTIFIED LAB                                   234.43



1017       NORANDEX                                        3,328.60

1018       NES RENTALS                                     361.80

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