Minutes 09-03-2013

The regular monthly meeting was held in the township building on September 3, 2013 and was called to order at 7:05 pm. In attendance were the 3 supervisors, the secretary, and the people on the attached sign in sheet. The meeting opened with the pledge to the flag. The secretary read the minutes from the last meeting. Lee made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Mark seconded, motion passed. The treasures report was then read, Lee made a motion to accept it, Mark seconded it, motion passed.


We did not get approved for the Dirt and Gravel Project on Johnson Road. Pa Department of transportation has reclassified bridges. We received 10 gas notifications. There will be a Susquehanna county township association dinner and workshop. We need to RSVP by September 16 if anybody wants to attend.


Dave and Roy have been replacing pipes on various roads in the township. We acquired a large pile of material for free from the 29 bridge project. Work is starting in Salt Springs. The county is replacing the bridge deck there. We are still planning on doing the last section of Booth Road this fall.

New Business

The auditors’ workshop will be held in Williamsport this year and our auditors plan on attending.

Public Comment

The Boys did a great job with the roads. Several residents complimented the work they’ve been doing. They also are very good about communicating with residents about what work they are doing.

Helen Vile of 1084 Johnson Rd., Montrose, wanted to make a public announcement about True Friends Animal welfare center, that claims to be a no kill shelter, is actually killing pets and not returning them if they get brought in multiple times. She wanted all pet owners in our township to be aware of these things.


Respectively submitted,


Renee Coy-Daly






Treasures Report for September 2013

PNB General Checking   $153,754.02
PNB State Checking   $66,118.36
PNB Impact   $353,075.06
Pennstar Capital Reserve   $77,632.97
Pennstar Fire    $22,198.75
Pennstar Equipment    $77,969.29
Pennstar Small Cap. Purchases    $370.45
Pennstar Escrow   $18,426.09


Bills for the Month of September

PNB General Checking

PAYROLL TOTALING $5,055.25                    7829, 7830, 7831, 7832, 7833, 7834, 7841, 7842, 7849, 7850, 7851, 7853, 7858, 7859

7835       EII TRANSPORT                                 158.34

7836       EASTERN INDUSTRIES                    292.24

7837       EASTERN INDUSTRIES                    196.79

7838       ACN                                                       18.90

7839       J&J SPRINGS                                      15.00

7840       HEALTHASSURANCE                       1,547.76

7843       NEW MILFORD HARDWARE         86.45

7844       FRONTIER                                            85.19

7845       DEMPSEY                                             160.72

7846       MONTROSE SEPTIC SEWRVICE   200.00

7847       BOB HAMM                                        480.00

7848       G’S EXCAVATING                             4,000.00

7852       AJ’S AUTO CENTER                          95.00

7854       MARIE TURNER                                 16.45

7855       NEIC                                                      196.00

7856       HEALTHASSURANCE                       1,547.76

7857       SECRETARY MILEAGE                      68.00

7860       DULCEY CHURCH                              120.00


2172       AIRLINE PETROLEUM                      962.92

2173       PNB LOAN                                           2,009.92

2174       PNB LOAN                                           1,000.00