The Franklin Township Reorganizational Meeting was held in the Township Municipal Building on Monday, January 7, 2013.  The meeting was called to order at 7:03 P.M. by Chairperson Mark Creamer.  Present at the meeting were Supervisors Dan Depue, Lee Burch and the Secretary/Treasurer.  Also present were the people on the attached sign-in sheet.

The meeting started with the pledge to the flag. 


The Supervisor/Chairperson for 2013 will be Lee Burch.  Vice Chair will be Dan Depue. Jeanne Sullivan will be Secretary/Treasurer for the time being.  Since Jeanne is retiring, Renee Coy-Daly will be replacing her as soon as the paperwork is complete.  Dan made a motion to appoint Renee to the position at a future date. Roy Johnson and David Mitchell will receive a $2.00 per hour increase in pay.  The entire Organizational Chart will be posted in the front window, on the web site and also attached to the minutes. 


The Regular Monthly Meeting immediately followed.


The Minutes for the December 4th meeting were read.  Dan asked that Warner Gravel be added to the vendors who send bids for material since the bid was not announced at the December meeting.   Warner was the lowest bid on stone and Pennsy was lowest on modified.  Mark made a motion to accept the Minutes with the addition.  Dan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.


The Treasurer’s Report was read.  Mark made a motion to accept the report.   Lee seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes. 



Many Act 14 Notifications were received from surrounding townships.


The Year End Report was received from Snake Creek Fire Company.


FEMA sent notification that since no significant changes had been made to the Township’s Flood Insurance Maps a newspaper advertisement can be made and a resolution can be adopted at the February meeting


A Notice of Intent for Consumptive Use at the Buxbaum Well Pad was received from WPX. 


The PA Department of Environmental Protection sent notification of a General Permit for Bluestone Mining for the Whitney Quarry Operation.


A notice from Susquehanna County Planning and Development was received for the Hinkle sub-division.


An Act 14 Notification of Natural Gas Well Drilling or Alterations was received from WPX for the Nota 100-1H, 100-3H, 100-5H, and 100-7H wells.


An Act 14 Notification for Natural Gas Well Drill Permitting was received from SAIC for the Northwest Unit 1 Well Pad.


The Franklin Township Nonuniformed Pension Plan Compliance Audit was received from the PA Department of the Auditor General. 


A bill was received for $658.00 from PSATS for renewal of membership.  This includes PSATS dues, Township Legal Defense Partnership, New Laws Service, 2012 PA Township News Archive/Index CD-ROM, 4 subscriptions to PA Township News and the CDL Program Membership Renewal Fee.   Mark made the motion to renew the PSATS Membership.  Lee seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.


Joe Hunt & Associates is moving to Public Avenue in Montrose.  The Township’s Sewage Officer, John Watts (dba) Watts Soil Service, is now employed by JHA.  JHA sent a pamphlet of the services being offered by the company. 


Watts Soil Service sent approval of a non-building waiver test for the Hinkle sub-division. 


Road master Report:

The work is done on Pratt Road.  


Vestal Asphalt and WPX agreed to discontinue roadwork until summer but Dan was just notified that work is being done on Olszewski Road.  Permission was given for the trucks to use the loop with the agreement that the road will be repaired in the spring.  The Supervisors are not happy with the work that was done on Bolles Road by Vestal Asphalt. 


Many hours were put in on the roads during the recent snow storm.  A dent was made in the cinder pile.


The Impact money will be used for renovations to the building in the back.  An advertisement will be placed in the newspaper for bids for one or two trucks.


Dan received an e-mail for a new salt contract for this year.


Two advertisements were placed in the newspaper for fuel bids.  Since no fuel bids were received the Township will continue to use Airline Petroleum.


Dan made a motion to raise treasurer’s bond to $500,000.  Mark seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.

Dan thanked Jeanne for her 3+ years of service.

Mark made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Dan seconded the motion.  The motion was passed with 3 yes votes.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Jeanne Sullivan




PNB General Checking   99,151.34
PNB State Checking   10,351.06
Pennstar Capital Reserve 281,167.54
Pennstar Equipment   62,960.15
Pennstar Fire     1,881.90
Pennstar Small Cap. Purchases        381.30
Pennstar State   12,805.59


The following bills were paid during the month:

PNB General Checking:

Payroll Total:  – $6473.66   Check #s – 7524, 7525, 7526, 7527, 7528, 7529, 7531, 7532, 7539, 7540, 7560, 7561, 7568, 7569

7530 – ACN Communications                         14.54

7533 – Mitchell Lepre                                 6,200.00

7534 – Stadium International                         26.03

7535 – Broome Bituminous                      5,060.00

7536 – Dempsey Uniform                             151.16

7537 – Void                                          

7538 – New Milford Hardware                        5.53

0        – US Treasury                                       1,689.75

0        – PA Dept of Revenue                          233.30

7541 – Postmaster                                              45.00

7542 – Healthassurance PA                      1,425.06

7543 – Frontier                                                     80.55

7544 – Snake Creek Marine                         102.40

7545 – Void

7546 – Times Shamrock                                    81.48

7547 – Rich Niederberger                                10.00

7548 – Kelly Pratt Computer                        100.00

7549 – PSATS                                                     658.00

7550 – Void

7551 – Airline Petroleum                              647.69

7552 – G’s Excavating                               20,000.00

7553 – Montrose Auto Parts                       195.72

7554 – Rich Niederberger                             464.31

7555 – Rich Niederberger                                  4.91

7556 – Jeff Sammon                                            6.09

7557 – Jeanne Sullivan                              1,500.00

7558 – PA UC Fund                                             16.51

7559 – HAB-EIT                                                    90.77

7562 – Watts Soil Services                            185.00

7563 – Erie Insurance                                     688.00

7564 – LGCP                                                       394.99

7565 – FT Capital Reserve                             363.89

7566 – FT Equipment                                      363.89

7567 – FT Fire                                                     491.24

7570 – Snake Creek Marine                            21.35

7571 – Century Manufacturing                  567.96

7572 – Staples                                                      56.98

7573 – Waste Management                           87.04

7574 – Penelec                                                  191.51

7575 – Hawk Bussing Inc.                              100.00

7576 – Powells Sales & Service                   380.00

7577 – ACN                                                           17.20


PNB State Checking:

2130 – Airline Petroleum                         1,294.94

2131 – Peoples Neighborhood Bank     1,000.00

2132 – Peoples Neighborhood Bank     2,009.92


Deposits for the month:

PNB General Checking:

1/2/13 – WPX                                                    294.50


1/11/13 – R. Niederberger                           242.00

                   C. Benedict                                 3,833.85

                   M. Evans                                      3,356.50

                   R. Niederberger                       7,739.27

                   C. Hinkle                                           185.00

                                         TOTAL              15,356.62


Pennstar Capital Reserve:

1/11/13 – R. Niederberger                           814.66


1/24/13 – FT General Fund                          363.89


Pennstar Equipment:

1/11/13 – R. Niederberger                           814.66


1/24/13 – FT General Fund                          363.89


Pennstar Fire:

1/11/13 – R. Niederberger                      1,033.89


1/24/13 –  FT General                                      491.24


Respectfully Submitted,


Jeanne Sullivan



 Download 2013 January Meeting PDF