The Franklin Township Regular Monthly Meeting was held in the Township’s Municipal Building on Tuesday, June 5th.  The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Mark Creamer at 7:01 P.M.  Present at the meeting were the Chairperson, Supervisors Dan Depue, Lee Burch and the Secretary/Treasurer.  Also present were the people on the attached sign-in list.


The meeting started with the pledge to the flag.


The minutes for the previous month were read.  Mark made a motion to accept the minutes.

Dan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes. 


The Treasurer’s Report was read.  Mark made a motion to accept the report.  Dan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes. 



ARM Group sent an Act 14 Notification on behalf of WPX Energy for the Beckley Well Pad and Access Road.  This is for a proposed well pad off of Bailey Road.


WPX Energy sent an Act 14 for Liberty Township for the Carty 1-2H, 1-4H, 1-6H, 1-8H.


The PA DEP sent a copy of a Notice of Intent for coverage under Erosion and Sediment Control Permit-1. This is Line #422 HDK to the Mitchell pad.


SWN sent notification of Application for Permit to Drill at Scarlet Oak, 6H New Milford Township.


SWN sent notification of Application for Permit to Drill at Bienko, 4H New Milford Township. 


SWN sent notification of Application for Permit to Drill at Koziol, 1H New Milford Township. 


The PA Dept. of General Services sent the Township has been accepted into the PA Federal Surplus Property Program.


Time Warner sent letter regarding the current franchise fee due to the municipality in the amount of $220.93.


The PA Dept. of Transportation sent a notice that a payment of $1317.91 would be deposited in the Township’s General Fund Account on June 1st


New business:

The Township will no longer use the services of COG with July the tentative month of termination.  An ordinance will be posted and advertized in the Montrose Independent and a letter sent to COG.  The Supervisors interviewed 2 companies for building code and inspection and 1 SEO for sewer.   A decision was made to contract with Northeast Inspection Consultants for building. John Marino is the executive officer.  Building permits will be available at the Township building, on-line, at Mark’s house, at Jeanne’s house and Northeast Inspection Consultants. They are available Monday through Saturday.  The Supervisors will try to eliminate permits for non-residential structures since that was a COG regulation.

For SEO the Township has contracted John Watts.  Since the permits are numbered by the State, the permits must be obtained from John.  He can e-mail or mail them to you.  He also works Monday through Saturday. There will be no cost to the Township.


The Supervisors must adopt the Flood Plan Ordinance for the Flood Plain Map.



The grader has been repaired and is now in working order.


An application was submitted on May 25th for a Dirt and Gravel Road Grant for Booth Road for $89,000.


Dan attended a County Hazardous Mitigation Meeting.  A Township Representative is required to attend at least once.  The County is required to revise their plan every 5 years.  They are revising the 2007 Hazardous Mitigation Plan.  The Township will have to adopt the County Plan in September.


Holy Road was topped, the ditches were cleaned and a pipe was replaced. One half of Forks Hill Road was topped, the side was scrapped and Stony Mountain seasoned it.  WPX will reimburse the Township for the work. 


Work needs to be done on Pratt, Bronson and School Road.


Cinders are coming soon.


Dan will be sending WPX a bill for about $43,000 for work that had been done between February and May. 


Tara Howey from WPX Energy introduced the new Community Relations Person, Scott Miller. Scott will be located in the Montrose and Nicholson offices.  Tara gave an update on the well water problems in Franklin Forks. WPX is still delivering water to the three families located in Franklin Forks. 


Mark made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:03 P.M.  Lee seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.   


Respectfully Submitted,



Jeanne Sullivan


PNB General Checking 104,532.06
PNB State   97,506.53
Pennstar Capital Reserve   58,587.39
Pennstar Equipment   58,969.74
Pennstar Fire   17,703.49
Pennstar Small Cap Purchases         581.30
Pennstar State   12,802.75


The following bills were paid during the month:


PNB General Checking:

Payroll Total $5,134.46 – Check #s  7268, 7269, 7270,7271, 7272, 7273, 7276, 7277, 7282, 7283, 7291, 7292


0       –  US Treasury                           3,368.39

0       –  PA Dept of Revenue              439.14

7274 – Montrose Auto Parts           318.27

7275 – COG                                               25.00

7278 – R. Niederberger                     349.49

7279 – Fleet Pride                                394.10

7280 – Frontier                                        78.37

7281 – Dempsey Uniform                 188.20

7284 – R. Niederberger                       10.00

7285 – Franklin Township State  5,157.17

7286 – LGCP                                           395.00

7287 – Healthassurance PA          1,425.06

7288 – Hawk Bussing                          150.00

7289 – Penelec                                         65.45

7290 – G’s Excavating                     5,050.00

7293 – Fahs Construction              1,760.00

7294 – Brown Farms Ent.              4,042.50

7295 – ACN Communications            20.79

7296 –  Staples                                         39.99

7297 – Warren Tompkins                    49.95

7298 – Postmaster                                 45.00


PNB State Checking:

2089 – Void

2090 – Airline Petroleum              1,044.80

2091 – Void

2092 – PNB                                         2,009.92

2093 – PNB                                         1,000.00

9095 – TC Generator                          455.73


Deposits for the month were as follows:

PNB General Checking:

6/1/12 – PA Dept of Revenue                     1,317.91

                 (State Police Fines)

6/11/12 – R. Niederberger                           5661.05

                    M. Evans                                            920.14

                                      Total                                6581.19


6/29/12 – C. Benedict                                   2822.56

                   R & B. Phillips                      60.00

                                      Total                                2882.56

Pennstar Capital Reserve:

6/11/12 – R. Niederberger                             595.90


Pennstar Equipment:

6/11/12 – R. Niederberger                           595.90


Pennstar Fire:

6/11/12 – R. Niederberger                           804.58


PNB State Checking:

6/21/12 – FT General                                 5,157.17


Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne Sullivan


Download June 2012 Minues PDF