The Franklin Township Regular Monthly Meeting was held in the Township Municipal Building on Tuesday, October 4th at 7:05 P.M.  The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Mark Creamer.  Present at the meeting were Supervisors Mark Creamer, Dan Depue, Arthur Starks and the Secretary/Treasurer.  Also present at the meeting were the people on the attached sign-in list.

The meeting was started with the pledge to the flag.

The Minutes from the September meeting were read.  Mark made the motion to accept the Minutes.      Dan made a correction to the minutes to read Art Donato, the 911 Coordinator not Mark Donato.  Mark made the motion to accept the Minutes.  Dan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.

The Treasurer’s Report was read.  Mark made the motion to accept the report.   Dan seconded the motion.   The motion passed with 3 yes votes.


We received the estimated Liquid Fuels allocation letter for 2012 from PA. Dept. of Transportation.  The amount is $75,378.17. The mileage for the Township has been adjusted to 27.84.

A check was received from PURTA for the Local Taxing Authorities in the amount of $337.45.  The total amount of realty tax equivalent distributed for 2011 was $30,662,809.

We received notification from the Volunteer Fire Relief Association that the Township’s allocation would be $8,417.36 for 2011. 

Notification was received from the General Municipal Pension System State Aid that the Township’s allocation would be $10,712.10 for 2011.  The Township’s contribution for 2011 was $7338.

PSATS sent the Township’s Contribution Rate Notice for 2012 for the Unemployment Compensation Group Trust Fund.  The 2011 rate was 1.00% and the 2012 rate was increased to 5.50%.  The increase was due to claims for the past 3 years.   Our total contributions for 2008-2010 were $1,058.87.  The total U.C. Claims paid for the same time period were $1,302.36.

The Inspection Report for Bridge No. 1 on T-761 (Bailey Road) was received.  There has been no change to condition of the bridge.

An application for round 2 for the Dirt and Gravel Program was received.  The due date and time for the application is 4:00 PM on October 14th.

A copy of the General Permit Application from Henry Stordeur was received for bank stabilization of the creek.

An Act 14 Notification was received from Rettew.  They are requesting a permit for the Snake Creek Phase 1 Natural Gas Gathering Pipeline Project. 

Arm Group Inc. on behalf of Williams is applying for a permit for a fresh water impoundment and associated access road for the Mitchell well.      

A letter was received from the NRCS.  There are currently no Emergency Watershed Protection Program funds.  They are collecting information in case funds are available in the future. It must be a threat to improved property which includes homes, business and public utilities.

The approval for the Subdivision for Mr. and Mrs. Jay Birtch, Jr. was received.

Mark read Ordinance 2011-1 which repeals Ordinance 1973-1 for over 10 acre sewage systems. Mark made the motion to vote on Ordinance 2011-1.  The Ordinance passed with 3 yes votes.  Dan voted yes but casted his vote reluctantly.

Mark made the Resolution 2011-6 to confirm that New Milford is the primary ambulance for Oteyokwa Lake Association.

Road master Report:

Bailey Road Bridge inspection was done.  Ed Sumski told Dan that we could go through a private engineer or PENNDOT could do the inspection. The inspection was done through PENNDOT.

There was a meeting with Jim Gardner and residence of Franklin Forks concerned with the flooding from the creek.  An engineer plan is not required but a permit from the DEP is needed to do any work.  Emergency permits are available.   

Dan hasn’t heard anything about money being available from FEMA for the recent flood.   He is keeping a folder with all bills pertaining to flood damage repair.  This includes payroll, subcontractor bills and materials for repair.  There will be a Kick Off meeting with Public Assistance Coordinator and Crew Leader.

There is a log jam in Silver Creek that is every large.  Jack Rosenkrans can remove the debris for about $1200.  No permit is required for this work.  The Supervisors were in agreement for Jack to do the work.  FEMA may reimburse the Township.

The boys are trying to work on the roads.  The weather and flooding has made it difficult.  Booth is priority due to the traffic from the tree farm. Two washouts have been replaced on Conroy Road.  A washout on Booth Road was replaced.  On Valley View there was a backup.  The outlet on Conroy needs attention.

The representative from Dirt and Gravel looked at Quarry Road and requested that jute mesh be put on sections of the bank. The check for the project will be sent out.

The NTC meeting will be held on October 20th at Bridgewater.

Dan attended the COG meeting.  They mentioned the 10 acre for sewage systems rule.  Dan told them they would be sent a copy of the repeal.  Dues for COG are $180 for the Township.  Dan was given a list of all permits that have been applied for in the Township from 1/1/11 to 9/30/11.

Dan e-mailed Williams about building Hawk Road, and putting a skim coat of top on Valley View.  The Township received the $65,000 check from Williams.

Northeast Drillers publication has maps of proposed and active gas wells in Susquehanna County.

There was a discussion about hiring a full-time person or possibly a part-time person to assist with the roads.

Betty Jean Depue discussed the flood plan maps. On September 26th Betty attended a FEMA Community Coordination Outreach meeting.  It was for the new National Flood Insurance Maps.  The last maps were done in 1989. The first 30 days from the meeting is time for comment of a non-technical nature.  The next is the appeals period for 90 days for technical situations.  Then there will be a 6 months ordinance review period.  The Township needs to write a new ordinance.  After the review period there will be a letter of final determination.  The Township must retain their old maps.

Mark made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Art seconded the motion. The motion passed with 3 yes votes.   The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M.


PNB General Checking 123,603.27
PNB State Checking    26,081.43
PNB Dirt and Gravel    20,649.40
Pennstar State    12,798.48
Pennstar Capital Reserve    54,624.59
Pennstar Equipment    45,209.35
Pennstar Fire    22,019.56


The following bills were paid during the month:

PNB General Checking:

Payroll Total  $4,817.95 – Check #s 6929, 6930, 6931, 6932, 6948, 6949, 6950, 6951, 6959, 6960, 6961, 6962


6933 – LGCP                                       395.00

0       –   IRS                                        1853.06

0       –   PA Dept of Revenue         263.16

6934 – PA UC Fund                            16.68

6935 – PSATS UCGT                          14.00

6936 – Void

6937 – Franklin Twp. CR                 436.02

6938 – Franklin Twp Eq.                 436.02

6939 – Franklin Twp Fire                588.63

6940 – PSATS Pension Trust    18050.10

6941 – G’s Excavating                 4900.00

6942 – COG                                       180.00

6943 – ACN Communications       14.17

6944 –  Dempsey                             286.80

6945 – Eastern Industries             828.61

6946 – EII Transport                        768.43

6947 – Montrose Auto Parts       381.77

6952 – R. Niederberger                                    36.01

6953 – Carolyn Pratt                           80.00

6954 – Carolyn Pratt                           67.00

6955 – Haun Welding                         94.00

6956 – Dempsey Uniform                35.90

6957 – Frontier                                     77.99

6958 – Kilmer Insurance                                 425.00

6963 – Airline Petroleum                 52.97

6964 –  Airline Petroleum              289.11

6965 – Penelec                                    59.21

6966 – Eastern Industries             442.65

6967 – EII Transport                        504.63

6968 – Time Shamrock                     27.38

6969 –  Healthassurance PA       1351.51

6970 – S & G Trucking                     761.81


PNB State Checking:

2060 – Airline Petroleum              717.21  

2061 – PNB                                     2009.92


Deposits for the month:


PNB General Checking

10/3/11 –  C. Benedict                     4733.27

                   PA Dep. Of Revenue     337.45

                           Total                           5070.72

10/6/11 – R. Niederberger             583.11

10/7/11 – M. Evans                           490.00

10/27/11 – T. Ehrie Construction   60.00


Pennstar CR

10/7/11 –  Franklin Twp. Gen.      436.02

                    R. Niederberger              61.38

                                Total                      497.40

Pennstar EQ

10/7/11 –  Franklin Twp. Gen.      436.02

                    R. Niederberger             61.38

                             Total                         497.40

Pennstar Fire

10/7/11 – Franklin Twp. Gen.      588.63

                   R. Niederberger              82.89

                              Total                        671.52


Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne Sullivan


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