The Franklin Township Regular Monthly Meeting was held in the Township Municipal Building on Tuesday, September 6th at 7:07 P.M.  The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Mark Creamer.  Present at the meeting were Supervisors Mark Creamer, Dan Depue, Arthur Starks and the Secretary/Treasurer.  Also present at the meeting were the people on the attached sign-in list.

The meeting was started with the pledge to the flag.

The Minutes from the August meeting were read.  Mark made a motion to accept the Minutes.  Dan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.

The Treasurer’s Report was read.  Mark made a motion to accept the report.  Arthur seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.


The PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources sent a notice that the pedestrian footbridge at Salt Springs State Park would be replaced.

An Act 14 Notification was received from Rettew for an Erosion and Sediment Control Permit and a General Permit Registration to the PADEP at the Knapik Pad.   

An Act 14 Notification was received from Rettew for the Snake Creek Gathering Pipeline which connects the Knapik, Hollenbeck, Webster and Herman pads.

Williams sent a Notification of Well Drilling or Alterations for 7 wells on the Mitchell property.   

Williams sent a Notification of Well Drilling or Alterations on the Sadecki pad with 4 wells.

PSATS sent a notice that the Township’s pension contribution for 2012 will be $6447.

The Susquehanna County Planning Commission sent a Subdivision Review for Jay and Sandra Birtch, Jr. Mark made a motion to accept the subdivision plan.  Dan seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.   

Mark went through the Ordinance Book for information about the Sewer Ordinance.    The Township had an Ordinance 1973-1 that required a permit for on lot sewage systems.  In 2001 we relinquished our authority to COG for enforcement of Act 537. Act 537 has a clause stating all prior ordinances were repealed.  One of the stipulations of the agreement was that COG enforced the rules uniformly for all Townships.  Mark said the permit could be signed and approve for Bob Coy.  If Ordinance 1973-1 needs to be officially repealed it can be done, advertized in the newspaper, approved by the Supervisors, and filed.

Roadmaster Report:

Dan gave a report on flood damage that occurred on August 28th.  Dan thanked Dave and Roy for their work and the many hours they put in.  Betty Jean Depue, the Township’s EMA Coordinator and Dan rode around the roads assessing the damage.  A Declaration of Disaster was submitted.  The County was approved for public assistance.  Dan submitted damages on August 29th of $30,000, but when the PEMA Representative was in the Township he raised the total money amount of the damages to about $80,000.   Dan was told that trees can be removed from creeks but waterways can’t be changed.  The DEP will issue emergency permits.

The Supervisors had a meeting with Williams on August 30th.   The company wanted to move onto the Bailey pad.  They were given permission with the understanding that they would rebuild Hawk Road and Bailey Road.  Dan has also met with Williams and Vestal Asphalt.  Vestal Asphalt has another way of building the road by grinding the surface.  They will be meeting with Dan on Thursday, September 8th to see the roads.  The gas company vehicles will use Franklin Hill Road. The Township has not yet received the check for $65,000.

Heidi Mitchell asked that an e-mail that was sent to some of the Township residents be read at the meeting.  Dan didn’t read the entire e-mail but gave a synopsis.  If residents are approached by one of the gas companies, contact an attorney or someone knowledgeable before signing a contract.  Any changes that you want made in the contract need to be made before you sign.  This was in regards to pipeline, gas pads, etc.  If anyone would like receive informative e-mails contact Heidi.

All paperwork has been submitted for the Dirt and Gravel Grant Project.  We should be receiving a check for $20,212 in the future.

One mile of Salt Springs Road at the 4 corners has been opened. The Township has been receiving Liquid Fuels money for this section of road.  Dan will contact Ed Sumski from PENNDOT to tell him the work is complete. 

Art Donato, the 911 Coordinator, contacted Dan.   Oteyokwa Lake would like the Township to pass a resolution making New Milford their primary ambulance.  Dan made a motion to make New Milford the primary ambulance for Oteyokwa Lake Association.  Mark seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.   

Residents should contact Betty Jean Depue if they have flood damage that their homeowners insurance didn’t cover.  Individual assistance may be available in the future.

Mark made motion to adjourn the meeting.  Arthur seconded the motion.  The motion passed with 3 yes votes.  The meeting was adjourned 7:56 P.M.


Jeanne Sullivan



PNB General Checking  155,929.57
PNB State Checking    28,806.82
PNB Dirt and Gravel         437.40
Pennstar State    12,797.73
Pennstar Capital Reserve    54,119.43
Pennstar Equipment    44,709.36
Pennstar Fire    21,346.45


The following bills were paid during the month:

PNB General Checking:

Payroll Total  $6114.85 -Check #s 6898, 6899, 6902, 6903, 6904, 6910, 6911, 6912, 6913, 6922, 6923, 6924, 6925


6900-  Waste Management           79.26

6901 – ACN Communications        22.01

6905 – Airline Petroleum              907.66

0       –   IRS                                         1396.33

0       –  PA Dept of Revenue          206.66

6906 – J & J Springs                               8.50

6907 –  Andre & Son                           14.97

6908 –  Montrose Auto Parts          13.36

6909 –  Scholenberg Salt                             1504.80

6914 – R. Niederberger                 213.30

6915 – Frontier                                     77.81

6916 – Fowler Tire                              26.00

6917 – G’s Excavating               20,000.00

6918 – Healthassurance PA       1,351.51

6919 – Bill White’s Contracting    230.00

6920 – Fleet Pride                              358.95

6921 – Penelec                                      52.98

6926 –  Randy Lewis                         480.00

6927 – Waste Management           79.33

6928 – Staples                                   119.99


PNB State Checking:

2056 – Franklin Twp Gen        11,862.88

2057 –  Airline Petroleum              881.22

2058 – Airline Petroleum              340.26

2059 – PNB                                     2009.92

Deposits for the month:


PNB General Checking:

9/12/11 – Mary Evans                                           673.06

                    R. Niederberger                              3,455.07

                    Williams Gas                                     65,000.00

                                Total                                      69,128.13


9/19/11 – Franklin Twp. State                      11,862.88

9/26/11 – PA Foreign Fire                                8,417.36

9/27/11 – PA Gen Mun. Pension               10,712.10


Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne Sullivan



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