February 7, 2020

The Franklin Township Regular Monthly Meeting was held on February 7, 20209 in the township building.  Present at the meeting were Chairperson Lee Burch and Supervisors Phil DePue and Mark Creamer and the people on the attached sign-in list. Lee called the meeting to order at 7:00PM.  The pledge to the flag was recited.  Mark read the minutes from the last meeting.  Lee made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Mark seconded the motion.  The motion was passed.  Mark read the treasurer’s report.  Lee made a motion to accept the report as read.  Mark seconded the motion.  The report was passed.


SWN sent notification of SWN’s request to the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection‘s Air Quality Program for the Bolles’ South Pad.

PA Municipalities Pension Trust sent notification that as of 12/31/19 the township’s account is $136,251.

SWN sent notification for a Permit to Drill at Conklin North in New Milford Township.

PSATS sent notification of a Road and Bridge Safety Improvement Program to be held on March 6.

The 26th Annual Northeast Regional Contractors and Engineers Workshop will be at Keystone College on March 11.

Susquehanna County Conservation District Annual Heavy Equipment Contractors Workshop will be held on March 25.

A subdivision notification was received for Doug Overfield.

Rettew sent an Act 14 Notification for the Knapik Pad.


Roy and Phil are maintaining the roads and keeping the cinder shed filled.

New Business:

An advertisement will be put in the newspaper for bids for 2020.

United Fire Company had the incorrect information on the contract for 2020.  The corrected contract will be sent to them with a letter of explanation. 

Lee made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Mark seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:18.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanne Sullivan


Treasurer’s Report

General 290,196.99
State Fund 77,170.50
Capital Reserve 1,503.99
Capital Reserve Impact 22,820.13
Equipment 14,583.93
Fire 875.46
Payroll 6,349.01
Small Cap 4,028.16
FEMA 45,228.37

General Checking

9946 Joe Hunt 473.75
9947 Erica Johnson 60.00
9948 Erie Insurance 1,929.00
9949 Angelo Ventresca 92.00
9950 Lenox Propane 388.36
9951 Mirabito 428.80
9952 Dempsey 166.48
9953 New Milford Borough 540.00
9954 NEIC 35.00
9955 Waste Management 107.34
9956 Phil Depue 35.94
9957 Highmark 823.72
9958 Penelec 248.63
9959 Erica Johnson 60.00
9960 Spectrum 100.59
9961 Montrose Motors 111.90


2/18 – 713.35


2629 Fleet Pride 203.05
2630 Meshoppen Crushing 2,100.52
2631 Meshoppen Crushing 883.33
2632 Mirabito 1,471.06
2633 Montrose Auto Parts 218.77
2634 Fleet Pride 151.89
2635 Watson Diesel 459.88
2636 Meshoppen Crushing 929.83


2/5 State Tax 178.78
2/7 Payroll 987.48
2/14 IRS 2,577.37
2/14 Payroll 1,941.84
2/14 10120 131.08
2/20 State 79.49
2/21 Payroll 1,407.28
2/28 Payroll 989.68