HB 1500 (PN 2277) would authorize the PA State Police to levy a per capita “patrol services fee” to be paid by each municipality that relies solely or partly on the State Police for patrol services.

HB 1500 would require every municipality that currently does not provide local police patrol services, either through its own department or through a regional or contracted arrangement with a neighboring municipality, to pay an annual per capita fee of $52 dollars for the first year, $104 for the second year, and $156 for the third and subsequent years that it relies solely on the State Police for patrol services.

The bill would levy a similar per capita fee against most municipalities with part-time local departments that would be $17 for the first year, $34 for the second year, and $52 for every subsequent year. This legislation is the latest in a number of similar bills that have been introduced intermittently since the Ridge administration.

Townships that fail to pay these fees would forfeit all Commonwealth funding including liquid fuels payments, and would no longer be entitled to any State Police patrol services.

This bill is currently before the full House.

HB 963 (PN 1065) would state that only municipalities that provide local police services through a municipal police department, participate in a regional police departments, or contract with other municipal or regional police for police services may receive revenue from certain vehicle offenses resulting from State Police action.

The bill would begin phasing out the portion of State Police fine money currently received by municipalities with no local police protection by 20 percent increments over five years.

This bill is before the House Judiciary Committee.

Both bills would affect over 1,200 municipalities. Please contact your state representatives to let them know that you oppose these bills.

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